Why Hyblood Was Written – Part 1: The Fall of YA

In the next few entries of this blog, I would like to discuss with our fans and future readers of The Wolva Trilogy just why this series is being written. In this first part, I will be explaining the most important reason behind this series: The Fall of YA novels.

You may be wonder just what I mean by ‘The Fall of YA’, as I’m sure you can see just how popular this Genre is nowadays. But that would be taking my statement literally in the terms of falling in sales, when what I really mean is falling in quality.

When the idea behind The Wolva Trilogy was first created, one of our main goals was to show people who read YA that not all relationships in YA books have o be unhealthy. I’m sure many of you are aware of these books – without me pointing fingers, as that is not my reasoning behind this post – that portray young women who are, sadly, weak-minded and very easy to be controlled by the often times dominating and/or rude men they fall in love with.

This is such a bad image to give to young readers, and it’s time it is stopped. Young readers need to know that real relationships are about equal ground between both sexes in the relationship. A true, loving relationship does not exist when one sex has more power over the other. It’s a horrible image to place into the minds of Young Adults- especially young women – and that is where we, the authors of The Wolva Trilogy, step in.

We want people to see what a healthy relationship involves, what it actually could be like between two people who not only are mutual in feelings, but actually respect each others opinions, emotions and beliefs. It’s not about control. It’s not about one being so love-sick over the other that they cannot breathe without their permission. It’s about so much more than that.

In this day and age, so many people jump into relationships based on false beliefs and assumptions that they have learned from books, movies, etc. But what’s worse, is that this tide of story-telling does not seem to hit shallow waters for a very long time. Book publishers are trying their hearts out to keep books on shelves  that people want to read. But what people want to read isn’t always what the need to read. Sometimes, change is for the better, and sometimes, we don’t know just how badly we need change until it happens.

Now, we aren’t saying that when you love someone you won’t feel saddness when the’re apart from you. We aren’t saying that your heart won’t break if they leave you. Those feelings are normal and healthy. What we are saying, is that in these stories, the characters never evolve and learn how to grow from the pain and the change. They continue on, moping, damaging themselves, making the same bad choice again and again and again in an endless circle until their someone comes back to save them from the hell that they had banished them to. Life is about growth. It’s about learning to move on, learning from past pain and mistakes. Learning about yourself.

This is what we want to implement into The Wolva Trilogy. This is one of our two main goals for this series, and we hope that you will join us in this journey to the path of a better YA genre. Like it used to be.

I thank you for reading this, and I hope you check back in in the near future for Part 2 of why Hyblood was written.